Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Holiday Crazies

The holiday season comes with much joy and some baggage, too! For example, gifts to buy for so many (and enough money for only a few), parties to enjoy and some to merely tolerate, traveling to be with family, or having family travel to be with's all wonderful and it's also a lot of work!

Be kind to yourself this holiday season and simplify, simplify, simplify!!! In lieu of gifts this year, make a donation to a worthy charity on behalf of those you care about. Perhaps get the same gift that will appeal to many of the people on your list making shopping easier. How about online shopping? Have those gifts delivered to your house directly! Easy!  Choose recipes that don't take all day to give yourself a little extra time.

Be kind to yourself and to others to maximize the joy of this wonderful season!

No matter what you celebrate, I wish you and your family the happiest, joy-filled, and wishes-come-true holiday season!

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