Monday, May 26, 2008

Balanced Parenting

It has been such a long time since I have updated my blog. I must confess that I, too, struggle with finding balance at times. As we all do! I believe that balance isn't a state that we live in, it is a state that we are always striving for, and as a result, we are constantly making corrective moves.

Life often gets away from us and we must remember to come back and find our center again. Doing that sometimes means putting things on the back burner that can wait, but won't overwhelm us later. It's about prioritizing what really matters and letting go of what doesn't. Letting go is a big challenge for some of us, but quite liberating when we finally succumb.

When evaluating your priorities, remember to put yourself first, your marriage second and your kids up there in the top three. Take good care of yourself to bring your best self to your marriage/relationships and to your kids; take good care of your primary relationship so that when the kids are grown and gone you will have someone there with whom you want to move forward; and, when those two priorities are cared for, you will bring an amazing parent to the table with your kids. Your buckets will be filled up, your support and internal resources will be in place and you will have all you need to make good choices in parenting your kids.

Wishing you balance,