Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Going on retreat

I'm going to a conference and will be gone for 3 days - by myself! I look forward to the education, connecting with colleagues, and getting my continuing education hours, but I'm most excited about getting away by myself. I feel guilty that I'm leaving my family. I'll miss my daughter's softball game and I'll miss being with them all.

The preparation for getting away is a huge undertaking in itself. Making sure everyone knows what time is what, how she'll get there and what to take with them. Not to mention, the dog's specific eating and medicine regimen after a recent illness. There are so many people (and dog) to worry about!

I need to get away and I'll take my guilt with me, but I'll also have time to workout, watch TV in the evenings and go to sleep early...which never happens at home!

I've decided to have a good time and hope that the house isn't a complete disaster when I get home! I highly recommend that other moms do it, too!

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Daria said...

Please don't take the guilt with you. It's good for everyone that you go and reconnect with YOU. YOU will be a much better wife, mom, friend, and inspiration to us all when you come home.