Saturday, September 15, 2007

Welcome to the Balanced Parenting Blog!

I am so excited that the Balanced Parenting community now has a blog. It is my hope that this will be a place for support, education and sharing for all parents. Feel free to ask questions here and I will do my best to respond and others will have a chance to share their experiences, too.

Periodically, I will share a parenting thought in the hopes of spurring some conversation or just provoke some thinking.

Here is a quote to begin the conversation:
"Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be."
David Bly


Dee said...

This is the greatest idea ever, Bette. For those of us that rely on your parenting wisdom and amazing "knowing" in all situations, i'm excited to have a place to post real-life questions when "in the moment" of being stumped by my kid. I look forward to learning from others and playing in this new fun sandbox. Thanks!

Marlene said...

Bette, you are awesome in how u are constantly identifying new ways of creating a parenting community. Parenting is so hard. i hope that my kids evolve to be better than we are ( parents). i know that we set the standard but there is sooo much more.
Thanks for getting the conversation started, Bette.!

Alex said...

God how I miss you! What a fabulous new way to keep learning from you! I unfortunately am too aware of how we reflect our source, and I absolutely agree that we must be the best that we can be so the little creatures that we influence 24/7 can evolve into amazing human beings. I am definitely up for the challenge, so maybe at the end of the journey I can evolve a little bit too. And you have helped me do that and see that and thank you now and always.

Sydney said...

What a great idea, a blog. As far as being who you want your kids to be. Ideally I totally agree that is a worthy goal and we should strive to reach it each and every day. While we're striving remember that every day is a new one and if we miss the goal one day, jump back up and try the next. Avoid trying to be "Super Mom" at all costs. Just try your best.

Bette Alkazian said...

Thank you to all who have left comments. I'm inspired by the parents I meet every day. Though none of us is perfect, I think kids learn from us by watching and if we try our best each day, they will learn to work and grow and improve themselves by our example. My daughter fought through a discouraging softball experience to make her first hit today. She was so proud of herself and learned so much about perseverance, optimism, and teamwork. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!